The AZULEX company exports top Czech engineering products, such as:

  • SIGMA industrial pumps for power engineering, mines, metallurgical plants, water management plants, petrochemistry and agriculture


  • mechanical gearboxes and cogged wheels for power engineering, mining and sugar industries; recovery of crude oil and natural gas, cement plants, ships and rail vehicles


  • steam piping and valves manufactured for thermal power plants, lubrication platforms and special clutches for gearboxes used in sugar mills, sugar cane mills, belt and vibration conveyors for mining and processing industries, and electric motors for heavy industry production


  • technological equipment of water power plants; water turbines of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton types, and micro turbines


  • bearings for heavy production


  • breweries; filtration systems and candle filters for breweries, plate and tubular heat exchangers, mills, filling machines, chain conveyors, motors, compressors, pasteurising plants, pumps, stainless-steel tanks, inserters and unloaders, sanitation units and other types of equipment for brewery productions